Saving Money, Saving Energy & Saving the Planet

We are all conscious of the effect that man is having on the planet and conscious also of the spiralling cost of energy and Renewable Energy sources can help reduce both our Energy bills and our environmental footprint.

Solar Water Heating

We all need hot water every day and a well designed Solar System can provide over 60% of all the energy required for hot water over the year.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Ultra effecient heating system that uses heat freely available from the air.  A straighforward replacement for your existing gas or oil boiler, an Air source Heat Pump can dramatically reduce your heating bills.


Biomass boilers and stoves are a great way to heat your home and hot water.  With the cost of even high quality wood pellets a fraction of the cost of gas, oil or electricity they are an excellent alternative to fossil fuels.  They do need a little more room than a boiler or heat pump though!


Recent Installations

Newbury, Berks.

3 Genersys 100/10 Panels for Hot Water

System: 3 Genersys 1000/10's

Location: Near Newbury, Berkshire.

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