ATAG Gas Boilers - Extremely efficient and cost effective

What boilers we use

We generally specify high quality ATAG condensing boilers on almost all our quotations.

Offering an extensive range, ATAG is a leader in compact, wall hung, condensing, system and combination boilers for both the domestic and commercial markets. ATAG's award winning central heating boiler surprised the market with its revolutionary vision in comfort, control and effeciency. These appliances have established a long series of success not least because of its innovative burner coupled with a full stainless-steel heat exchanger for supreme effeciency and total peace of mind.

The same technology goes into the ATAG Premier and the new 'Q' and 'A' series boilers giving "Super-High Efficiency" through continuously variable modulation over an extremely large range, complemented by self-regulating weather dependant controls.

What boilers we use

Boiler Features

Compare these features with other boilers you may be looking at;

  • Very high build quality. 5 year parts, 2 year labour warranty. 10 year warranty on main heat exchanger against corrosion (when installed by ATAG approved installer).
  • Low modulation. Boilers modulate up from as little as 4.4 kw which means reduced boiler cycling and reduced component wear and tear.
  • Intelligent boiler controls. The advanced controller always attempts to maintain condensing operation for maximum efficiency. The boiler always starts off at a low power output and ramps up to meet the heating demand. The contrasts with most boilers which fire at full throttle then have to slam on the brakes to reduce the flow temperature.
  • Ability to interface the BrainQ & Wize controllers with both the Q and E boilers. These controllersgive an unprecedented level of control and information on the running operation of the boiler.
  • Fully coverable under the British Gas Homecare contract after the expiry of the 2 year guarantee.
  • Solar combi boiler compatible. All the Atag combination boilers will take pre-heated water to the plate heat exchanger. This allows seamless future proofing for a solar system. Not many boilers on the market will accept pre-heated water!
  • Very quiet running operation. All our customers have comment how quiet the Atag boilers are in operation.
  • Flexible fluing systems. The 80mm flue means it is possible to locate the boiler in positions that would otherwise not meet regulations. Roof flue, apex flue, high level flue, conservatory flue, also a plume management kit is available.
  • Easy maintenance. Some boilers have all the components shoe-horned into a tiny box. While this may mean it goes into a small location, it can make future repairs very difficult and time consuming. All Atag boilers have slightly oversized casings to greatly improve access and therefore reduce the time (and therefore the cost!) an engineer is on-site.
  • Automatic air venting and safety controls. The Atag boiler will automatically shutdown if the system pressure drops below a set point. This is to prevent damage to the boiler. When the system is refilled the boiler will go through a 17 minute startup routine to ensure all the air is safely vented. During this period the burner does not fire, again to prevent damage to the boiler and ensuring optimum effeciency and reliability.
  • Atag for life scheme. Paying a low monthly fee guarantees all parts and labour on the boiler for an amazing 15 years!.

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