Boiler questions:

Q. What is the annual maintenance cost of the boilers?

A. The annual service of a boiler starts at £150.00 plus VAT

Q. Our boiler choice is limited by space, which boiler would you suggest?

A. We would suggest a Mini K25 as it will fit in a small space and is not much bigger then a washing machine. The Hydro line of wood pellet stoves with back boilers are also great for space saving. If you have no space inside but space outside, why not have a look at our TRECO pods, which are boilers supplied in a self contained boiler house.

Q. Do you supply stoves to fit in a fireplace?

A. Yes depending on the size of space you intend to fill, we have a range of stoves to fit different space requirements. Please contact Northstar Energy to discuss.

Q. How controllable are the boilers? Are they still efficient when ticking over?

A. They are controllable to 1°.

Q. Are the boilers fully automatically controlled?

A. Yes, they use a control system which allows you to regulate the temperature, fuel and automatic running of the boiler. Except with a SYNCHRO with works in a slightly different way.

Fuel questions:

Q. Which boilers will burn miscanthus?

A. Kalorina / E 2200, 2300, 2400 and 2500 from TATANO and in pelleted form the Biocom and the Powercorn from Guntamatic.

Q. Can you burn shavings used for horse bedding?

A. YES, with the Kalorina / E 2300 range and the Kalorina / E 2500 range, but it depends on the size and quality of the bedding. If it is very wet it will not burn.

Q. Can you burn straw?

A. You can burn straw pellets, we are still doing research into using them.

Q. Can you burn Plastic?

A. Yes you can, but you will NOT be allowed due to Environmental Agency policies. You will need to check with them and us first to know what you are allowed to burn.

Q. What moisture content should the pellets be in order for it to burn?

A. Wood pellets need to be 10 - 12 % and cereals 14 - 16 % the lower the moisture content the better.

Q. Can you burn logs?

A. Yes, logs can be placed directly into the burning chamber of our TATANO boilers, but for frequent log burning it is recommended that you use in conjunction with a buffer Storage tank. Our SYNCHRO boilers in the Guntamatic range are just for burning logs, these boilers are up to 96% efficient and proving a very popular choice. Please go to our product page for more information. Northstar Energy also have a range of stylish Log stoves from ECOTECK.

Q. Can you burn sawdust?

A. Yes, our Kalorina / E 2300 / 2500 range can burn sawdust.

Fuel storage:

Q. What is the auto feed options for the boiler?

A. We have larger hoppers and different size fuel stores that will auger or vacum feed the fuel into the boiler.

Q. Can storage units for the boiler go underground?

A. Yes they can. There are 4-6 ton underground storage units available.

Q. What storage facilities are needed for the fuel?

A. Wood pellets come in 10 - 15 Kg bags and are normally delivered per tonne. We offer a wide range of fuel stores that can have a delivery of pellets blown straight into them.

Q. Can we install abroad?

A. No, sorry we only install in the UK.

Q. Does the room heater require a Flue?

A. Yes, it requires an 80mm twin wall internal flue.

Q. How often do the boilers need filling?

A. This would depend on how often the boiler is used and the heat demand. The hopper may need filling anywhere between every couple of days if the demand is high to once a week if it is just ticking over. The Biostar W could only need filling once every three weeks. A larger hopper or attaching the boiler to a fuel store means filling less often.

Pellet Questions:

Q. What is the calorific value of wood pellets?

A. 4.8 kW hours per Kilogram.

Q. What is the economic comparison between these boilers and an oil fired boiler?

A. 1 Litre of oil = 2 Kg of wood pellets.

Q. What is the cost of wood pellets?

A. The cost per Tonne is £150 - £230 (VAT not always included).

Q. Where is the nearest supplier of wood pellets?

A. There is a nationwide network of suppliers that is growing monthly, please look at the fuel page on our website for suppliers that we can recommend.

Q. Can Biomass be burnt in a smoke controlled area?

A. Biomass can be burnt in a smokeless zone, but it would need to be approved by the DTI and the environmental agency.

Q. Does the biomass boiler loose its environmental advantage when supplied by a non-local wood pellet dealer due to transport CO2 emissions? or what are some recomendations? ?

A. TRECO are currently in the process of tackling this problem by doing some research into local suppliers nationwide. This should prevent long travelling distances by putting the customer in contact with their local supplier. So hopefully this should not be a problem in the future. There are thousands of suppliers UK wide, it's just a case of doing some research. However, this minor problem should not stop you from turning to biomass and putting your environmental goals in place. TRECO's boilers are carbon-neutral and in being so are much more eco-friendly than sticking with a oil or gas alternative.

Installation Questions:

Q. What type of flue is required for the boilers?

A. A Twin wall stainless steel flue up to EN1856.

Q. What is the lead time between placing the order to receiving my boiler?

A. The lead time from deposit is 4 - 6 weeks.

Q. Could the boiler be fitted by our own plumber?

A. Yes, but we recommend that Northstar Energy commission the boiler as we will do all the safety checks and set the boiler up for your exact requirements. We also train you in the operation of the boiler. TRECO supply all installers with an installation manual and TRECO are always on hand for any technical advice. We are also introducing an easyfit option where we do most of the plumbing on the boiler before it even gets to you.

Q. I have a gas boiler at the moment. Will it run on the existing electrical equipment?

A. Yes, most controlled systems have the same supply as our boilers; they only need 5 amps.


Q. Please could you send information on the grants that are available?

A. Please look at the grants page on our website.

Q. We are going to fit the boiler ourselves. Would the grant still apply?

A. You are only eligible for a grant if your pellet stove is installed by a registered installer.

Other Questions:

Q. What is so unique about these boilers apart from the environmental benefits and being more efficient?

A. With oil and gas prices rising, biomass is becoming a more cost effective way to heat your home or business.

Q. What warranty do you offer?

A. We offer 2 years onsite warranty.

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